Our Specialization

Outsourcing logistics saves a wealth of time and money for any company. This is why hiring a 3PL provider is a smart business move. When you work with STS Transportation Services you will eliminate the need to invest in transportation, technology, and staff who will execute the logistics process.

  • Asset-Based Logistics

    We believe that our clients should focus on who they should get their products to instead of worrying about how to transport their goods. Allow our 3PL company to take that responsibility off your plate.

    Although our primary business is yard management, we offer dedicated drop lot operations, drop lot management, shuttle service, truckload (TL) delivery, security, and landscaping. By utilizing our expertise and technology, our clients can direct their attention away from the intricacies of logistics and focus on the implementation of business strategies.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Because we provide many services, whether through our company or as a contractor, you can cut down on the sheer number of outside vendors you routinely have to contact for services and billing. For your convenience, let our business take care of all your security, maintenance, yard management, and warehousing needs.