Technology and Equipment

STS Transportation Services has fostered valuable supplier relationships that have allowed us to become one of the first companies in the United States to test hybrid spotters/yard jockeys in a drop-lot. We continue to solidify our commitment to lower costs while also modernizing our equipment to stay ahead of the curve. Using the Global Positioning System (GPS), we can track assets in real time and monitor idle time to increase productivity.

By utilizing reports and creating multiple categories, we are able to pinpoint where savings can be made. Instead of taking a blanket approach, we use our gathered data to adapt overhead costs, like labor expenses, to meet our clients’ goals.

Yard Management System

Using a state-of-the-art yard management system, we are able to electronically keep our eye on equipment. We also use it to create reports, manage labor costs, and keep yard operations moving in an efficient manner.

Transportation Equipment

We have more than 40 shuttle trucks, more than 500 trailers, and 30 spotters for transportation, which are available even for emergencies and special projects. Our own staff of mechanics will be around to handle repair or maintenance issues. If any problems outside our normal scope of business ever arise, a nearby vendor, whom we have a service contract with, can take care of it. We are currently rolling out a new fleet of International LT Model Trucks and typically run Capacity Yard Jockeys in the yard.